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About Us

Zukunft Mobility GmbH is a competence center of ZF Friedrichshafen AG and operates in the areas of driver assistance, integrated vehicle safety and autonomous driving. As a wholly owned subsidiary, the company has specialized in developments in the field of function development, software development, sensors as well as simulation and test procedures. The team of experts from engineering, natural science and information technology disciplines stands out with its extensive experience in the automotive industry and unique expertise in the field of function development.


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How to find us

Zukunft Mobility GmbH

The Zukunft Mobility GmbH headquarters are located in Kösching, Bavaria, near Ingolstadt, right on the Digital Test Field Highway along the A9 federal highway. On an adjacent research site, the necessary real-life vehicle tests can also be performed and analyzed on-site.

Zukunft Mobility GmbH
Ruppertswies 14
85092 Kösching
Tel. +49 841 14 902000